About Us


Since 1991 Clear Air Aviation, formally Quality Flight Training, has been providing the most professional flight training in the WNY.  Dedicated to building the best trained pilots possible, our success rate is unsurpassed. Whether you intend to fly for recreation or are pursuing a career, we have years of experience from Sport Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot.

The Name...What's it Mean?

The name "Clear Air Aviation" actually has a two-fold meaning.  On the one side, clear air is analogous to, well, clear air! Clear air is far easier to operate in as a pilot compared to hazy or foggy conditions. This means that our students receive instruction that makes the complicated task of learning to fly clear and easy.

The other side of the name comes from NEXRAD radar displays that pilots use in weather briefings to look at precipitation intensity and movement. You've most likely seen NEXRAD displays on your local news weather segments. 

NEXRAD radar has two operating modes, "Precipitation Mode" and "Clear Air Mode." Clear Air Mode is the more sensitive of the two, displaying much smaller radar returns as it can pick up on much smaller droplets of moisture.  In other words, it picks up on the little details that you wouldn't otherwise see in the normal Precipitation Mode. Therefore, "Clear Air" can be interpreted as "attention to detail."  It's the small details in a pilot's training that are easily overlooked by less than stellar flight training operations, and if these details are given attention, a much safer, proficient pilot is created.



As the name suggests, Clear Air Aviation is about learning to fly in an environment free from distractions and focusing on one goal: to help you become a serious and safe aviator. Regardless of your reason for learning to fly, you will receive a top-notch aviation education with Clear Air Aviation. In order to make the learning process efficient and effective, your training is to be tailored to fit your needs, and is done at your own pace with customized scheduling.