Instrument Rating

What Does the Instrument Rating Allow Me to Do?

The Instrument Rating adds new privileges to the Private Pilot Certificate.  The privileges afforded to you by the Instrument Rating include being able to file and receive a clearance for an IFR flight plan. An Instrument Rating will greatly increase the utility and flexibility of your Private Certificate as it allows you to fly in more dynamic weather and gives you additional knowledge, confidence and skill as a pilot. Also, this rating is required of anyone looking for a career as a professional pilot, along with a commercial pilot certificate.  

The Instrument rating is the academic equivalent equivalent to a Bachelor's degree. It is an add-on to a pilot's license, most commonly added first to a Private Pilot certificate. Comparatively, a Private Pilot's certificate is equivalent to an Associate's degree, a Commercial Pilot certificate is equivalent to a Master's degree, an ATP (Airline/Transport Pilot) certificate is equivalent to a PhD/Doctorate, and a Certified Flight Instructor is equivalent to a Master's/PhD teaching degree. 

What Are the Requirements for Getting An Instrument Rating?

An applicant for an Instrument Rating must:

-Hold at least a private pilot certificate

-Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English Language

-Hold at least a current 3rd Class Airman Medical Certificate (Not much different than a basic physical)

-Obtain at least 40 hours of instrument flight training

-Receive ground instruction as appropriate to pass the knowledge and practical tests 

-Pass a written knowledge test and a practical (flight) test

-Click here to see detailed requirements on earning your instrument rating and scroll down to "Subpart B- 61.65 Instrument Rating Requirements" 

When Can I Start Classes to Earn My Instrument Rating?

Your Private Pilot Certificate will require some very basic instrument training, but will not prepare you to operate in all phases of an IFR flight. You can start your instrument training as soon as you receive your private pilot certificate, however it is recommended that you do some flying on your own before beginning. The same one-on-one lesson structure and scheduling is used to complete your instrument training.

How Much Does it Cost?

Like the Private Pilot Certificate, the cost of getting an instrument rating is subject to the same variables, but based on the MINIMUM time it takes to complete the instrument rating, it will cost you starting at approximately $9,500. Financing options are available.

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