Adam Wylucki

Fundamentals of Instruction written exam, 12/06/13

Normally, written tests don't get acknowledged because they are an integral part of the flight training course. However, the FOI (Fundamentals of [flight] Instruction) exam deserves recognition. It is now perhaps the hardest written test to take. It is also one of two tests that need to be taken in order to become a flight instructor (unless you have certain teaching credentials that waive this requirement.) All other pilot ratings and certificates require at most only 1 written test, and those are mostly aviation science and piloting type questions.

The FOI is different. It is a basic college level psychology test (101 and 201) mixed in with teaching behaviors, psychology, and methods. It is not an easy topic to grasp quickly and is odd for most pilots to delve into since it is not really based on aviation, though it is an FAA exam.

Adam scored an impressive 93% on the exam. This took months of rigorous studying and helps to prepare him for the fundamentals of teaching pilot students, coupled with his experience and certification as a commercial pilot.

Congratulations Adam! There is no doubt that you are well on your way to completing your Flight Instructing training!