Anja takes her first flight on March 19, 2015


This was another wonderful first flight at Clear Air Aviation, LCC, this time with young Anja. She excitedly took to the skies with her dad photographing from the back seat. She had the most excitement, energy, and enthusiasm that any of us can every remember. Full of charm and character, Anja took the controls and released her inner aviator. She has undoubtedly planted the seed to become one of the next generation of pilots. 


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Anja approaches

Stepping up to plane with Mike

Carefully checking fuel

More fuel checking

Big smiles!

Settling in, dad in back seat

Headset on, ready to go!

Climbing to 2,500 feet

Ralph Wilson stadium

Ralph Wilson stadium

Windmills at shoreline

Buffalo waterfront

Lake Erie winter ice breakup

Left wing over Canada

Right wing flaps down

Landing, runway straight ahead

Happiest girl in the world!

Getting off plane

Anja happy

More happiness

Anja with airplane, and Mike