Kevin McNamara

Private Pilot, 04/11/15

Kevin (seen on the right in the baseball cap immediately after passing his flight test) finalized his training with his Private Pilot check ride just one day before his birthday. As a very academic and kinesthetic learner, Kevin was able to finish his training while retaining his skills to high levels of proficiency. Attention to detail, thorough planning, and overall natural-born skills of handling aircraft, machines, and tools allowed him to master the aircraft. After transitioning from a previous Cessna 172 G1000 aircraft at Clear Air Aviation, LLC, Kevin demonstrated his ability to apply quality flying skills to this different kind of airplane for his check ride preparation (i.e. Piper Cherokee.) Kevin is ambitiously rebuilding his very own Cessna 152 airplane in pursuit of his A&P aircraft mechanic's license. He plans to use his personal plane for recreational flying as well as continuing his training towards an instrument rating.


Awesome job Kevin! We have gained an invaluable aviator and asset to the aviation community.