Clarence Aviation School

Ever wanted to become a pilot, but you didn't know how to start? If you live in the Clarence area, getting started on learning to fly is easy with aviation courses from Clear Air Aviation.

What You Can Learn at Clear Air AviationClarence Aviation School

At Clear Air Aviation, we have courses available for people at all proficiency levels. If you have never flown a day in your life, our introductory courses will take you through all the steps to become a private pilot. If you are a certified private pilot seeking to obtain commercial licensing, we offer aviation courses to complete your certification. And even if you are a fully certified commercial pilot, we offer courses at our aviation school to help you hone your skills, in order to make you safer in the air.

Safety is Our First Concern

At Clear Air Aviation, we prioritize safety above all else. We define the success of our aviation school based on our safety record and the safety record of pilots that complete our aviation courses. Our primary goal in our aviation courses is to train pilots to become serious and safe pilots by learning to ignore distractions and focusing on the act of flying a plane.

What You Need to Begin

The main thing you need to begin taking aviation courses at Clear Air Aviation is the motivation to be a safe and professional pilot. Flying is an activity that you must take seriously. Assuming you are serious about learning to fly, Clear Air Aviation will provide all the materials you need, including a practice aircraft. You simply need to commit to the time involved. Obtaining a private license requires a minimum of 50 hours of flight time and a commercial license requires an additional 250 hours at a minimum.

Get Started Today

If you live in the Clarence area and you are willing to commit to becoming a safe and professional pilot, Clear Air Aviation is the aviation school for you. Contact us today to schedule your first lesson and get started on the path to becoming a fully licensed pilot.