Clarence Flight School

Are you ready to start learning to fly? Our Clarence flight school is exactly what you need to finally enjoy your dream of flying. Taking a few flying lessons can transform your life, giving you the sensation of being free and soaring above the world. And, it's easier to get started than you may realize.

Check Out Our Comprehensive Flight Training Clarence Flight School

We offer the best flight lessons near Clarence. We're a local company that offers a wide range of flight services and lessons. Our team includes the most experienced pilots who are passionate about flying and teaching others about the process. You'll learn everything you need to really enjoy all that flying has to offer.

Is this your first flight? Let us help you to relax and enjoy yourself in the air. Our team will listen to your concerns, guide you into making the best decisions, and allow you to carefully and fully enjoy the experience. Don't worry - we know the thought of flying can be exhilarating and terrifying. We'll make sure it's exceptional.

Are You Ready to Book Your Flight Training?

Even if you still have questions about flying lessons and how to enroll in flight school, our team can help you. Take a few minutes today to discuss our current options with us. You'll learn about:

  • The types of flying lessons you can take
  • The availability of beginners courses
  • The ability to complete flight school to earn your pilot's license
  • What you will learn while in flight training
  • How to get started soon!

Keep in mind, you can find yourself in the sky sooner than you think. Our fast paced courses allow you to learn what you need to thoroughly but quickly so you can get up in the air in no time.

Getting Started with Clear Air Aviation

For flight lessons in western New York, all you need to do is to call our office. We're happy to provide you with outstanding service and exceptional rates on all flying lessons. Do you know someone that would love to learn to fly? Contact us and book an experience with both of you!