Piper Cherokee, PA28-161, Warrior II


The Piper Cherokee is a general aviation standard dating back from the 1960s. The aircraft is designed to hold 4 passengers with a baggage compartment. It is a fixed landing gear, low-wing, 160 horsepower single-engine aircraft, equipped for daytime, nighttime, VFR, and IFR weather. The Warrior II variant includes a  tapered wing for increased performance, and is noted for its stable and easy flight characteristics.
Clear Air operates two Cherokees Warriors that are
identical so you never have to worry about aircraft availability.
The airplane cruises around 115 knots (about 132 mph) at can reached altitudes of 14,300 feet. Most flight training happens 1000 feet to 4000 feet above the ground. It carries enough 100 octane gasoline for about 4 to 5 hours of flight. Most lessons are 1 hour to 2 hours long of actual airplane flight time.
The design is relatively unchanged due to its trusted performance. This is the cases for most successful small aircraft (such as the Cessna 172 Skyhawk.) The picture of the instrument panel shown here with modern Garmin GPS Avionics is the actual aircraft you will fly in.
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Example of an actual real-world video used in classroom discussion:
       (photo by Jeremy Schott, CFI)
       (photo by Jeremy Schott, CFI)



                             Piper Cherokee Warrior II