WNY Flying Lessons

You can learn to fly at any age! No matter how young or old you are, you can learn to fly with Clear Air Aviation. WNY Flying Lessons are offered to anyone who has the desire to learn to fly. When someone has a dream to be in the sky flying there is usually little else they will talk about or pretend especially when it comes to children and as a parent if you think that the drive and desire is there you can take them to get WNY Flying Lessons. Now of course there are age standards of when they can achieve their student pilot's license and so on but anyone can learn to fly with a trained instructor. Flying is one of the most prestigious and amazing things someone can dream of learning.

Start Flying Today!

When you turn 16 you can actually earn the students pilots license which will allow the person to fly solo without having an instructor inside the air plane. Meaning that the solo flights have to be actually solo just like a learner's permit for a student driver which makes it so they have specific times they can or cannot drive it's the same way with a student's flying permit as well. The only other person allowed in the air craft is a licensed instructor who administers the WNY Flying Lessons. The standard age when people begin to pursue flying is about 14 years old and that's perfectly okay. You can actually gain all your flight hours during at that age and that will make it much easier when you decide to go for your student flying permit. With WNY Flying Lessons, you can actually start flying alone and non-licenced passengers at 17 years of age. Unfortunately you cannot accept payment for flying, so most people at this age get a Sport Pilot or a Private Pilot licence. You can fly anywhere in the country on your own but if you take people with you, it cannot be on a commercial basis.

And no matter how old you are you can learn to fly as well, as long as you are in good health that is. There are strict physicals that every single pilot has to go through including blood pressure testing and your cardiovascular health. Overall you have to be in good health to get on track to learn how to fly. There is no limitation except for being able to log 40 hours of flight time to be eligible for the private pilot exam. Sign up for your WNY Flying Lessons and start flying with Clear Air Aviation.